Thunderbird add-on to empty Trash and Junk folders from multiple accounts
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About New WebExtensions API

IRC: inforation from #maildev

11:21:30 : moz_mma : In Thunderbird 64.0a1, using ChromeUtils.import() in webextension results in "ReferenceError: ChromeUtils is not defined" error. Any pointers? 12:00:15 : &Fallen : moz_mma: unless you are in an WebExtensions Experiment context, ChromeUtils and all the chrome code is not available you need to make due with the APIs available, and create wrappers for APIs that are missing 12:04:25 : moz_mma : Fallen, how do I get in WebExtensions Experiment context? 12:04:45 : &Fallen : moz_mma: explains it mostly for the cloudfile experiment, you would have access in e.g. but not please be sure to read the intro to that repo so you know what the APIs should look like 12:07:30 : moz_mma : Thanks Fallen 12:14:03 : +aceman : Fallen: the ChromeUtils question above

Demo add-on

Utils in comm-central mailnews/base